Olive oil, your anti aging secret

Published: 06th July 2008
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Olive oil is oil which produced from olea europea, a traditional plant of Mediterranean. Olive oil can be used for cook, cosmetic, medicine, and soap. Olive oil is good for your health because it is contains polygene and oleic. Because of its existence that is being very easy to get in the market today, and also its benefits, olive oil become very famous in the world of cosmetic.

Polygene and oleic that are contains on olive oil can be your skin treatment secrets. Mixed with any natural resources, olive oil can perform as the best secrets for anti-aging series. Olive oil is mostly mixed with egg and can be used for clean, lighten, and revital your facial skin that gives you a natural anti-aging.

For cleansing and moisturizing, you can simply add olive oil to your usual skin creams. In variety of ways, you can use it gently anti-oxidant packed cleanser by doing massage in over your face then wiping off with cotton wool pads. Another most effective way is pushing the pads onto your skin then you can pull it off. Olive oil will give you softness and moisturized your skin that can increase protection from free radicals.

For lightening or moisturizing mask, you can add extra virgin olive oil with egg yolk. Some expert also sometimes uses organic egg. Mix those ingredients into a thick homogeneous mature then regularly you can use it at night before the bed time. The mixed olive oil and egg yolk will give you whiter or lighter skin. It is also good when your skin is needs help or when it ha broken out. Anti-aging secrets of olive oil can also continue with the benefit of olive oil and egg mask. Mi one egg and a tablespoon of olive oil that I regularly apply to dry and clean skin will give you a glowing and soft skin. It Is an alternatives way because olive oil is also easy to get in the store or market, so using olive oil as your skin treatment can lowering your budget for cosmetic and can avoiding you from purchasing an extensive skin mask.

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